• Hamdan Bin Hamami
  • M. Al-Muz-Zammil Bin Yassin


The role of teachers is not only limited to teaching but also includes other additional tasks in administration, curriculum, student affairs and co-curriculum following the requirement in Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bilangan 12 year 2007. However, a few studies show that the variety of additional position with different kinds of burden from the aspects of time, mental, physical, stress, time demand and performance poses negative impacts on the quality of teaching and the teachers' mental, physical and emotional well being. This study is carried out to identify in detail the level of workload faced by teachers from the aspect of time, mental, physical, and time demand in every additional position and also their performance in executing the additional tasks. Besides that, this study also identifies whether there is significant difference between level of workload in every aspect with teacher's performance. This study is carried out using survey method involving 3,726 teachers from 11 districts in Johor with 33 different additional positions in primary school. The sample is chosen randomly based on district and types of school, which is Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina and Tamil. The feedback from every respondent is collected using specific online questionnaire which is created based on respective position of the teachers. The data collected was analyzed using quantitative method with SPSS Version 26. The results of analysis show that teachers experience high level of workload from the aspect of time for executing additional tasks in the long term. The data also shows that teachers experience medium level of workload from the aspects of mental, physical and stress but higher level on time demand and the data records significant differences between level of workload on the aspects of mental, physical, stress and time demand. From the results analysis, this study has suggested to increase the number of teachers and support staff to an ideal number and all activities planned by the upper level management can be planned in a more detailed order. This is important to allow teachers to execute their tasks and duties optimally and they can fully focus on carrying out teaching and learning effectively while maintaining the teachers' mental, physical and emotional well-being.


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