• Norashdimah Misdi
  • Bambang Sumintono
  • Zuraidah Abdullah


Starting with the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 in its 4th paradigm shift of transforming teaching as a chosen profession, this case study was conducted to examine the perceptions of teachers towards their leadership practice and subsequently to explore the dimensions which can influence the practice of leadership among teachers at selected MARA College. This quantitative study used a 40-item-questionnaire adapted from Katzenmeyer and Katzenmeyer (2004), Teacher Leadership SelfAssessment (TLSA). The 40-item-questionnaire related to seven (7) dimensions ie i) Self-Awareness, ii) Leading Change, iii) Good in Communication, iv) Diversity, v) Instructional Proficiency, vi) Continuous Improvement and vii) Good selfmanagement. A total of 169 respondents from 4 MARA Colleges in Peninsular Malaysia are used as samples for this case study. Data are analyzed with the Rasch Modeling Application with the purpose of exploring the pattern of teacher leadership level and explaining the dimensions of the teacher's leadership practice. The result analyzed showed a good Cronbach Alpha value of .93, a good person separation of 3.35 and a good value of person reliability person of .92. The result of perception showed from 121 people (71.6%) of the total sample, n = 169 found that leadership practice among teachers for all MARA Colleges was moderate (Mean = 1.94, SD = 1.11). The result of Rasch's modeling analysis also shows the practice of ‘Leading Change’ among teachers at a moderate and difficult to be practiced among teachers in the MARA Colleges studied. Meanwhile respondents' perceptions also found that the level of ‘SelfAwareness’ among teachers as generally at the moderate and easy to be practiced by respondents in this case study. This case study suggests the ways to reduce the gap of a leaders or teacher's leader in influencing their colleagues by demonstrating and planning the effective strategies in terms of skills in managing the teaching materials and methods.


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MISDI, Norashdimah; SUMINTONO, Bambang; ABDULLAH, Zuraidah. KEPEMIMPINAN GURU KOLEJ MARA: SATU KAJIAN KES. JuPiDi: Jurnal Kepimpinan Pendidikan, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 3, p. 46-63, july 2019. ISSN 2289-9669. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 12 dec. 2019.